Cristina Ramos is a fine art and wedding photographer from Spain based in Uppsala, Sweden. 

Was born and raised in Zaragoza, Spain till attending Fine Arts school in University Complutense of Madrid. She spent all her childhood painting and drawing and photography-bug bites her accidentally in her teenage years by coming across some photo-exhibitions. Starting with landscape and portrait photgraphy, learning and developing technical skills, soon felt she needed to take a step further, so she started considering  the camera not just a tool to capture the place or the moment in time, but a tool to capture her imagination. She began re-creating through photography the concepts she was walking around with, and working on in her painting projects, and nowadays, both photographic and painting languages constitute in equal parts her mean of expression.

Cristina nació y creció en Zaragoza, España hasta que comenzó sus estudios de Bellas Artes en el C.e.s.Felipe Segundo de La Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Pasó su infancia pintando y dibujando, y el gusano de la fotografía no le picaría hasta la adolescencia, a través de la visita a algunas exposiciones de fotografía. Empezando con paisaje y retrato, estudiando y desarrollando habilidades técnicas, pronto sentiría la necesidad de dar un paso más allá, y empezaría a tomar la fotografía más que como herramienta de capturar el momento o el lugar, como herramienta para capturar su imaginación. Así pues, comenzó a recrear a través de la fotografía los conceptos e ideas que desarrollaba en sus proyectos de pintura. Hoy en día, fotografía y pintura constituyen sus dos medios de expresión al 50%.


Laying between fiction and reality, and through a visual storytelling approach, her images confront the psycological aspects of the fairytale, but flowing at the same time into a broder context of life. 

Inside magnetic and surreal scenes, these visual stories emphasize concepts such as the idea of passion, memory, trauma, the human relation with ourselves and with its hábitat, or the representation of universal feelings such us fear, desire, etc.

And she reflects on these real human aspects through a surreal visual perspective.

¨I like to bend the idea of reality trying to show how things can be looked at differently.¨Creating alternative realities, and reach for something deeper than the daily reality that traps us, is a need i satisfy through my work¨ And i do it without limits, the only rule is that there are no rules, I just want to imagine with no boundaries and as long as I can, materialize it¨

Escaped from ilusión, but located in tangible surroundings her Works, helped by their cinematic aesthetic  and theatrical light, are infused with a unique narrative that unlocks an unexpected mystery that invites the viewer to read the messages while diving in the story, and creating their plot of the scene from their own experience. 


2012 MFA Visual Arts. C.E:S Felipe Segundo.  University Complutense of Madrid.

2010-2011: University Aristotle of Thessaloniki, Greece.

2005-2006: 1st year at School of Laws. University of Zaragoza.



-¨Sensibilities of Belonging¨. Mall Galleries, The Mall. London, UK. Group Exhibition.

- ¨Cinematic Visions¨. International Cultural Institute and Imagenation in collaboration with 75th Venice International Film Festival.  Ingresso Librero. Venice, Italy. Group Exhibition.

-¨Ethereal¨ - Imagenation. Espace des Arts Sans Frontieres. Paris, France. Group exhibition.

-¨25 anys de premis fotografics¨. Onda City Hall. Castellón, Spain. Group exhibition. 

-Fine Art Exhibition. ¨Sunrise in your hands¨ , selected picture for cover and exhibition promotion Blank Wall Gallery. Athens, Greece. Group exhibition


¨Imaginarium¨ collection 2. Uppsala Congress and Concert hall. Hosted by Uppsala Fotofestival 2017. Solo Exhibition. 

"Imaginarium". Akademiska sjukhuset Konstförening. Akademiska. Uppsala, Sweden. Solo Exhibition


"Imaginarium". Galleri 1–Uppsalakonstnarsklub. Artists club Uppsala. Uppsala, Sweden. Solo Exhibition.

¨Photo exhibition by 7¨. in collaboration with the Uppsala International short film festival. Uppsala, Sweden. Group exhibition.

"Konstsafari". Artists collective Uppland. Alianslokalen, Alunda, Sweden. Group Exhibit.

"Ögonblick". Å-HUSET-Uppsala Konstnärsklubb. Artists club Uppsala. Uppsala, Sweden. Group Exhibit.

   L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest winning photos. Onda City hall. Castellón,Spain. Group exhibit.


 "Dreamscape". Galleri Atelje Uggla. Stockholm, Sweden. Solo Exhibition. 

 "Drömmar i flykten"¨. Uppsala Fotofestival. Selected photographer for Solo Exhibition. Kulturkafeé. Uppsala, Sweden. 

Solo exhibition.

          L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest winning photos. Onda City hall. Castellón,Spain. Group exhibit.


¨Paradise Now¨. Teatro La Macarena. Bogotá. Colombia. Group exhibit.

¨11.11¨. Galileo Culture Centre. Madrid, Spain. Group exhibit.

L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest winning photos. Onda City hall. Castellón,Spain. Group exhibit.


 Upsala Fotofestival. Upsala, Sweden. Group exhibit.

L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest winning photos. Onda City hall. Castellón,Spain.

Group exhibit.


 ¨25thAniversary of Erasmus Programme photo contest¨.Onassis CultureCenter. Athens, Greece. Group


Photography CompetitionAwards. C.M.U Santa María de Europa. Madrid, Spain. Group exhibit


 ¨mARCO¨.Isabel de Farnesio Cultural Centre. Madrid, Spain. C.E.SFelipeSegundo group


¨Etiquetas¨.Centre8 de Marzo. Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain. Group exhibit.


 Fine Arts School C.E.S Felipe II best work selection of the academic year. Madrid,Spain. Group exhibit.

Interviews and Publications/ Entrevistas y Publicaciones:

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Recension of exhibition ¨Imaginarium¨ in Culture section of Uppsala Nya Tidning Newspaper.

 Picture ¨Ghosts of the past¨selected by editors and published in the book ¨Visions¨ 

Interview Artcore magazine

Dagens Nyheter. National Newspaper Sweden

Cover of the book "Venezia dallevene viola. Lettere di una cortigiana" written by Ruxandra Cesereanu.

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Scholarships and Awards/ Becas y Premios:

1st Price Creativity Category. L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest.  Onda, Castellón, Spain. 2017.

2nd Price Creative Photography Category. L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest. Onda, Castellón, Spain. 2016.

1st Price Creativity Category. L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest. Onda, Castellón, Spain. 2015.

2nd Price Free Style Photo Category. L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest. Onda, Castellón Spain. 2014.

4th Finalist Contest Canon and Minube¨Tus rincones favoritos¨.2013.

1st prize Individual Photo Category. L´art de la Llum National Photography Contest. Spain. 2013.

4th Finalist Certamen de Fotografía. C.M.U. Santa María de Europa.2013.

Erasmus International Student Exchange.Thessaloniki, Greece. 2010-2011

Cristina Ramos is sponsored by Vanguard Photo. 

Vasaborgen. Preferred wedding venue in Uppsala.

Vasaborgen is the old prision of the Castle of Uppsala. This fortification that dates back to early 16th century is in my opinion the most unique place to get married in Uppsala. It,s 600 years old stone walls are envolved by such a beautiful and athmospheric light that makes anyone feel in a movie set. Not only is it,s beauty but the experience of doing your celebration of love among these medieval walls filled with swedish history. 

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